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Motilal Seal’s Will in Bengali

Digital transcription – minor errors possible.

Contemporary English translation of the Bengali text of Motilal Seal’s will.

Will of Mutty Lall Seal, dated the 7th Joisty 1261

19th May 1854, referred to in the written statement of Kanny Lall Seal

Sree Sree Hori

To the highly felicitous Sreemutty Anundmoye Dassee and Sreejut Hera Lall Seal and Sreejut Choonee Lall Seal and Sreejut Punna Lall Seal, executors and executrix —

I, Sree Mutty Lall Seal, write this will to the purport following:-

I am dangerously ill, and considering myself perishable, make this will in your names and write to the effect that in regard to my zemindaries and putney talooks and farmed lands and lands subject to the payment of rent and free of rent and edifices and buildings and indigo factories, etcetera, in the mufussil districts, and pucka houses and buildings and lands and gardens, etcetera, situate in the city of Calcutta, being in my own name or benamy, whatsoever there are, you will give currency to your respective names in respect of the whole, and receive my demands from whomsoever and of what nature soever they may be, and effect settlements and arrangements thereof, and you will also give currency to your respective names in respect of the Company’s papers, and receive the same

To this purport, I execute this will in my sound senses. The end year 1261, date 7th Joisty, English year 1854, date 19th May.


Sree Premchund Sen. A true translation of the annexed

Sree Kristomohun Mullick. Bengali paper for R.M. Thomas Kissen Doss Dutt. Esq, 22nd May 1854.