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and is therefore unable to attend this Honourable Court to swear her affidavit in these good and to be sworn in Executorship of the said Will and that a Commission is therefore necessary for the Purpose of swearing her to the truth of her affidavit and also administering to her the usual oath of an Executor of the Said Will of the said deceased.

Sworn this 23 rd day

Of May 1854 before me                    HeeraLoll Seal




Upon reading the foregoing Affidavit I do hereby order that Mr. J.M.Dickens One of the Commissioners, acting under the Standing Commissions pursuing To Act 74 of 1848 of the Legislative Council of India to attend at the house of The said Shree Mutty Aunundumyee Dossee to swear her to the truth of an affidavit In the above good and administer to her the oath of an Executorship

Arthur Buller


In the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal

Ecclestiastical Side

In the Good of Mutty Loll Seal  Deceased


Denonauth Dhur of Loll Bazar in the town of Calcutta Sircar Maketh Oath and saith that he is well acquainted with Anandamayee Dassee Lately the wife and now the widow of Mutty Loll Seal of CoolootollahThe deceased above named the said Aunundomayee Dossee being a Near relative of this and deployment and he further saith that he was Employed as a Sircar in the family of Dwelling House of the said Mutty Loll Seal for upwards of five years first and is still employed thereat and He saith that he was present on the Twenty third day of May instant at The said Family Dwelling House at Coolohtollah aforesaid and did then And there. I identify the said Sree Mutty Aunundomayee Dossee to J.H.Dickens Esquire one of the Commissioners of this Honorable Court for the purpose of swearing her the Said Sree Mutty Aunundamayee Dossee to the truth of her affidavit In the above goods and this deponent further saith that the said Sree Mutty Aunundamayee Dossee was present on the occasion last aforesaid and did just her Cross or marks to the said affidavit (and which said affidavit is now produced to This deponent) and was duly sworn to the truth thereof in the presence of Him this deponent

Sworn on this 23rd day of

May 1854 Before me

Chas. Hatch                        Denonauth Dhur