Oral history

Documented history can often have selective memory. Indeed, in the case of Mutty Lall Seal, much of his fabulous generosity is only known to us from hearsay and there is more to his story than the contemporary¬† newspapers can reveal and his biographers too have resorted to recording what they have heard about him.For example Kissory Chand Mitter’s biography and Littell’s Magazine both resort to using common anecdotes about Seal in their times.

In a similar vein, we asked some of his descendants about what they have heard about their illustrious ancestor. Stories heard in childhood, those doing the rounds in family circles for years and others that are later accretions to the public memory often helped us make connections that were not otherwise obvious. Here are a few stories that the Seal and Mullick family members had to tell us.

Kanak Lall Seal, who is a Chartered Accountant lives on the Howrah-side of the vast Seal properties and is currently a member of the Trust’s governing board. Here he tells us about the Trust and stories of Mutty Lall Seal’s charity.

Mohit Lall Seal, also a trustee, tells us about the Trust.

Sri Ramakrishna visited the Seal Thakurbari in Belghoria. Kanak Lall Seal narrates the story.