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Sambad Pravakar, 15 June 1843

The editor of the Bengal Spectator expresses his gratitude to Mutty Lall Seal for establishing a school for the Hindu boys in Calcutta. He states that Mutty Lall Seal did not establish this Free School for his own interest and he had no intention to make himself popular among the English officials but that he himself felt the need of a free school for Hindus and its establishment is an act of selfless benevolence.

He started this school with much interest and enthusiasm. He founded out more or less two thousand boys were unable to pay the fees of the school. He decided to donate a thousand rupees per month for their education in this school. His noble attempt would help the poor parents who could not afford to provide education for their children.

Tattabodhini Patrika, 8th March 1843

On 8th March,1843 Tattabodhini Patrika reported the inauguration programme of the Seal’s Free College and provided a brief summary of the eloquent speeches of the people who attended the programme. Among those present were J.P.Grant, Judge of the Supreme Court; Baboo Dwarkanath Tagore, Captain Birch, Superintendent of Police; Mr. George Thompson, Right Reverend Dr. Carew, Baboo Ramcomul Sen,, Baboo Rassomoy Dutt and Revd. Krishnamohun Bannerjee. The Catholic Bishop and all the clergy of the Catholic Cathedral , as well as all the professors of St. Xaviers’ College, were likewise present. Revd. Johnson would be the Principal of the college and mostly the European teachers would be responsible for departing knowledge here. Baboo Mutty Lall Seal established this college to give education of the Hindu boys who were unable to continue their study due to poverty.

Revd. Johnson demonstrated the reasons behind the establishment of this College and the programme and functioning of the college. Revd. Irwin talked about the possibilities of this college to prosper like St. Xaviers’ College. The teachers were from St.Xaviers’ College therefore if they could train the students in the same way, the merit of college will soon recognised. Likewise there were eloquent speeches in the testimony to Mutty Lall Seal’s noble generosity and liberal mindset. George Thompson said how Mutty Lall Seal became famous by receiving the help of people from a different community (Europeans) who were reputed to part knowledge without considering their own interests.