In putting together this website, we acknowledge the huge amount of work done by those who have researched Motilal Seal’s life before this. Having said that, we must point out that there have been no serious academic research projects on Seal’s impact on nineteenth-century and indeed, modern-day Bengal (and India). We have drawn on a large number of sources, citing both contemporary and later research on 19th c. Bengal. These have been categorised as ‘biographies‘, ‘archive‘ (comprising digitised versions of contemporary reports) and of course, our full list of references. In addition, we have included a Glossary of terms for those unfamiliar with the period or the words in the Indian languages that we have used.

Calcutta Fortnightly announcing K.C. Mitter’s biography of Motilal Seal

We have benefited from the collections of the National Library of India, Presidency University Library, Goethals Memorial Library, Joykrishna Library Uttarpara and Bangiya Sahitya Parishad. For online records and databases, we have used the Digital Library of India collection housed in, Google Books and a one-month subscription of FindMyPast, where the Ecclesiastical Records of the India Office are available.